Group Companies

West Coast Optilinks (formerly known as Sudarshan Telecom), Mysore

West Coast Optilinks is a unit of West Coast Paper Mills Ltd. It is a leading producer of telecom cables in India. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility of West Coast Optilinks is located at the Hi-Tech electronics zone in Mysore (140 Km from Bangalore). The company has the capacity to produce 50,000 Km of optical fibre cable and 1.5 million CKM of PIJF copper telephone cable per year.

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Gloster Cables Limited, a leading manufacturer of PVC & XLPE power & control cables (lt&ht). Plant is located at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Jayshree Chemicals Limited, (JCL) is a widely held public limited company incorporated on 17th, April, 1962 in the state of West Bengal. The company was involved in Chlor Alkali manufacturing business for about 50 years. This business was hived off due to commercial considerations. All the major activities of the company now include Wind Power generation, Import Export business, and other miscellaneous activities.

Kilkotagiri and Thirumbadi Plantations Limited. (Formerly known as The Thirumbadi Rubber Company Ltd.)

飞禽走兽鲨鱼机The rubber plantation estate of this company is spread over 1,800 acres at Mukkom, Calicut (Kozhikode) Kerala. Seven lakh Kgs of Single and Double Centrifuged Natural Rubber Latex and Natural Dry Rubber-ISNR 10 & 20 are processed and manufactured by Kilkotagiri and Thirumbadi Plantations Limited.

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Fort Gloster Electric Limited

One of the fastest growing fans and electrical appliances company with a rapidly expanding product line.

飞禽走兽鲨鱼机Marketed under the brand name Gloster, a premium range of Ceiling , TPW, Exhaust, Farratta and Ventilating Fans, as well as its rich repertoire of 飞禽走兽鲨鱼机 Appliances like Mixer Grinders, Juicer Mixer Grinders, Water Heaters, Iron and Immersion Heaters have found very good acceptance among the dealers and customers.

飞禽走兽鲨鱼机The high value product line has been conceived after a thorough research and the products come enabled with the best of features. At Gloster Electric, emphasis is on creating differentiated, technically superior products that conform to the highest quality standards. As a result customers can get products that come laden with benefits which simplify life and make it more enjoyable.

飞禽走兽鲨鱼机Gloster is at present available across 14 states in India.

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