As mentioned already the Company is certified for FSC® COC Certificate Chain of Custody, which indicates that the Company is using wood from responsible forests and well-managed plantations and ensures that only legally harvested wood is used for manufacture of paper/paperboard.

The products come from forests that are managed responsibly to address the social, economic and ecological needs of the present and future generations. The Company has already obtained the forest management, Chain of Custody Certificates and at present, the Company is in a position to manufacture FSC® COC Certified products viz; FSC® 100%, FSC® -Mix in its printing & writing papers and FSC® -recycled logo on paper boards.

飞禽走兽鲨鱼机The Society for Afforestation, Research and Allied Works (SARA) supported and promoted by WCPM has already been certified for being a ‘Well Managed Group Plantation’ since 2011. Under the scheme, already 19929 hectares of plantation has been certified up to 2015. We propose to add 4000 hectares of plantation every year.

SARA supported by WCPM is now FSC®  certified for ‘Well Managed Group Plantation Certification’.