Setting Standards in THE Global Market


WCPM is fast emerging as one of the leading exporter of wood-free Manila Board / Uncoated Paper/Paper Board from India. WCPM products are well received in the global market. The Company has stepped up its exports to more than 35 countries across Asia Pacific, Middle-East, the Mediterranean and the African sub continents which is a testimony to WCPM’s global acceptance for its quality products meeting international standards. The Company has consistently been bagging the CAPEXIL award for its export performance for the seventh consecutive year in a row.



Africa Asia Pacific
South Africa Nepal
Uganda Sri Lanka
Ghana Mauritius
Nigeria Fiji
Tanzania Europe
Libya Greece
Angola Turkey
Senegal Middle East
Ivory Coast UAE
Ethiopia Sultanate of Oman
Madagascar Saudi Arabia
Rwanda Egypt
Malawi Yemen
Burundi Jordan
Mozambique Iraq
Congo Qatar
Eretria Israel